Macleod Accommodation Support Service Inc.

Refuge for Women & Children Escaping DV

Established 1992

Our Vision

Making a difference – bringing domestic and family violence to an end.

Macleod Accommodation Support Service believes the structure, culture; economic and social values of our society reinforce the power disparities between men and women and ultimately afford men a position of power and privilege.

The service seeks to address issues of empowerment, equality and safety in the delivery of services for women and children who experience domestic violence.


Macleod Accommodation Support Service is a service that operates with the feminist beliefs that:

Women and children have the right to live free from violence and abuse and that violence and abuse is never acceptable.

Women and children as individuals should be treated with respect and dignity.  Women are the experts in their own lives and should be encouraged to be self-determining.


Our Organisation

We are a not for profit community organisation operating on the Gold Coast Queensland since 1992.

We are funded by The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and Department of Housing and Public Works.

We provide supported crisis accommodation within a high security unit-style refuge complex and includes a playground, an activities area and a herb gardens. In addition, we provide some external crisis supported accommodation in properties located with the same school zone.

We work tirelessly to help women and children involved in domestic and family violence. This is a whole of community concern – a woman in Australia is more likely to be killed in her own home by an intimate partner than anywhere else or by anyone else.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is an abuse of power. It occurs when one person in an intimate relationship engages in behaviour that causes fear or harm to the other person.

You can get assistance, information and support and you are not alone.  For more information visit Domestic Violence Prevention Gold Coast or  DV Connect Womensline

Our Goals

To maintain a high quality innovative supported accommodation facility where women and children can be accommodated in a safe environment.

To provide a supportive environment which empowers women to address their needs and become self-determining.

To provide a supportive environment that advocates for children’s safety and values children and their experiences.

To offer ongoing support after women have left the refuge and to assist them to follow through their decisions.

To work towards the elimination of violence against women and children.

Provide a quality service to women and children by maintaining a high level of staff and organisational competency.

Macleod Accommodation Support Service


Macleod Accommodation Support Service provides women and children experiencing domestic violence with a high quality standard of safe accommodation and support services in an environment of continuous improvement.  The model is based on unit style independent living and a 24 hour on-call response is provided to all residents.

Services are provided on a continuum:

  • Refuge – crisis accommodation with high level of support
  • External Crisis housing – short term accommodation with medium/low level of support
  • Outreach support – minimal support to women and children relocating within the local community, including our Safe Multicultural Space (SMS) group for culturally and linguistically diverse women

Women’s Support

We provide a client driven case management system within the feminist foundation of the self-determination of the client.  This includes the case manager and client working together to produce and define the client’s goals and to design a case plan where the needs assessment comes from these goals.  This approach respects woman as the expert in relation to their personal situation.

We value the diversity and autonomy of each woman that we work with, on a daily basis we work with interpreters, and advocating support with other services such as immigration, family law, solicitors, courts, police, education facilities, child safety, Centrelink, medical practitioners to name a few to support women to terms with the upheaval in their lives and the traumatic experiences they have faced.

Children’s Support

Our focus on helping children to feel heard and validating their thoughts and feelings. Along with this we provide, education around protective, behaviours, with the aim that by the time a child leaves the refuge they will be able to have a mental “safety hand” of five support people who they can contact if they need help.

The Child Support Worker is available to provide parenting support and education for the children.  The Child Support Worker is not a Babysitter.

Support Workers may be able to assist women when needed to attend appointments eg: Doctors, Solicitors, etc.

Children & Young People's Rights

The refuge is a YELLING and SMACKING FREE ZONE, caseworkers are available to support mothers with alternative parenting strategies.

Witnessing and/or experience domestic violence and abuse can have a profound impact on the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people.   As service users children and young people have inherent rights.  Children/young people’s rights include the right to: Be heard and listened to without judgement, Be trusted and treated with respect, Have space and privacy, Be treated as an individual, Confidentiality of information, Children/young people (and their mothers) are informed about the organisational duty of care and the limits on confidentiality where the child/young people’s safety may be at risk.

All donations are 100% tax deductable.

ABN 53 924 245 417.

We are an Incorporated Association and a registered public benevolent charity with deductible gift recipient status. Our administration costs are all covered by our funding and donations are used for direct support for women and children we support and can be anything specific to the needs of the women and children.


Safe Multicultural Space SMS

Established in July 2010, the Multicultural Women’s group was formed when migrant women identified they needed additional support after leaving refuge.

Core principal of the group is to provide an opportunity to the women to come together and connect with each other, with the domestic violence support services and the services and resources in the community.

Macleod CALD Worker and a worker from Multicultural Families Organisation, SARA programme Co-facilitate the group.

Weekly women’s group meetings providing women with:

  • Domestic violence education
  • Further developing women’s capacity to live independently through learning new life skills
  • Connecting women to the community resources
  • Building networks

What Women Say

“Last year when I left my x-husband, I couldn’t  imagine this kind of beautiful life. I was so worried about my visa and my son.”

“I was welcomed by everybody. I felt more comfortable after that.”

“Some food was already in my kitchen. So I didn’t  need to worry about buying something for dinner on my first day. Thanks.”

“Next day I arrived the staff took me to a shopping centre by driving. And gave me coles vouchers. It was very useful. Because I had only $18 in my pocket.”

“I love it here. I like here and feel important. I have good friend here.”

“I love coming to the group every Wednesday. To me this is a safe place. To be how I am as a person, as Woman and to be able to share my experience without judgment or put down, and to know that I am not alone. And to get  the love and support .”


Combined Women’s Refuge Group SEQ (CWRG)

Domestic Violence Integrated Response, (GCDVIR)

Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast

Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence

Homeless Health Outreach Team (HHOT),

The Services Union (TSU)

All the wonderful women groups that support us ADCO Constructions, Baby Give Back GC, CEO Challenge, Country Women’s Assoc (GC), Friends with Dignity, Myer Pacific Fair Staff Fund, Nonna’s Harbour Town (SPHG group), Qld Ambulance stations GC, Outback Steakhouse Pacific Fair, Rize Up, Rotary Inner Wheel, Second Chance, Share the Dignity, Soroptimist International GC, Street Smart, Two Good, Women In Tourism GC, Zephyr foundation and Zonta GC. 


phone: 0407 981 158


PO Box 2947

Southport QLD 4215

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